We’re Back!

Welcome to the 2012 version of HoosierGecko. The eggs are just now being laid and incubated in anticipation of a new year! Last year was my first year attempting to breed any animal, and as with any new experiment there were some ups and downs. I look forward to a new year and to raising some of the babies that hatched late last year. Tom, Turkey, & Armanksy are all adding weight and growing at a healthy pace. 

I have been to a few shows lately and have found a variety of crested geckos, along with a varying level of care for them. There is a definite difference between people breeding and selling animals for a profit to pay bills and the people that breed them because they love the animals and want others to love them. Obviously, I am more partial to the latter version of the breeding community. I started off with one female for almost a year, as a pet. I still think all of my geckos are pets and thats what makes selling them hard sometimes. 

It goes without saying that I am not a full fledged business and have no business experience, I just have a passion for animals and a lot of experience with animals. I am not doing this for extra money, instead, I see any animal that I sell & any money that I get from them as a bonus, a way to replenish supplies without spending my own cash!  

I appreciate any comments, contacts, or inquiries about these little guys and if you are interested in purchasing one, let me know and I would be happy to share! I will update the “For Sale” link shortly!

-Taylor Hannan



Introducing Turkey & Tom

Last Monday, November 7th (2011) I came home from a busy day of work & coaching basketball practice and I did my regular routine. I came home, grabbed a drink, used the toilet, and popped my head in the room with the incubator I saw two white eggs, but upon further review I saw two little things crawling around in there. As I took a closer look I was thrilled to find my first clutch of eggs had hatched. As you may remember I hatched out “Armansky”, but he/she was out of a one egg clutch and was a little premature. Before I lose your attention, let me go ahead and show you these two guys! One looks a little like Mom, one looks a little like Dad, but they both got the best traits of each and I’m very pleased!


Thank you for visiting my HoosierGecko website/blog. I just wanted to throw a little piece together that would update anyone that dropped by through external resources such as Facebook or Pangea. I am a 25 year old, Sports & Fitness Instructor (PE Teacher) in northern Indiana. I have 8 Geckos right now. 4 Females, 3 Males, and the youngster mentioned 2 posts down. I have an interest in a few different morphs. Reds, Pinstripes, and Harleys tend to catch my eye the most. I have invested in quality geckos from proven breeders and plan on producing and being the same. This is a hobby for me, like it is for most, if I turn a profit or just don’t lose money, I will be a happy breeder! I thank you again for visiting and come on back by, or spread the word. I will have babies available at very, very affordable prices around Christmas time. 

Armansky, 1st HoosierGecko

Well, last Sunday (October 2nd) the tiniest, ugliest, weirdest looking brown egg started to smell a little funny to me. I picked up the ugly egg and put it to my iPhone 4, as I do from time to time to check what it looks like is going on inside of the egg. That particular week the egg looked bad! The small egg seemed to stop growing and looked like it may have died. The girl who laid this clutch has been known to lay some duds from time to time and in fact the other egg in this clutch was bad. Needless to say, when I went to pick up the egg this tiny little guy squirmed out, looked up at me, and (said, “mama”…just kidding) opened its mouth at me, as if to say who the heck turned the lights on?! Armansky is his name, and he appears to be a blonde/lavender harley, as his father was (Mr. Buttersworth). He hatched out at only 1.1 grams…and as of today (10/10/2011) is 1.2 grams. 

New Geckos!

       New Geckos!

My last post was about a group out of California called “reptilespecialty”. After a few glitches in the pick-up/drop-off I got these guys on Friday and am very happy with them. They seem fairly calm/tamed and have some great colors and potential. I’m still kind of working on names but right now I’m calling the little red guy, “Red Eye” because his eyes are an amazing red color, he also has red dal markings and black dal markings! Red Eye will def. be a looker in a few months!  The next guy I bought thinking he was a blonde/lavender harley and as I got him out today and looked at him I have decided that he is a Tri-Harley, and his new name is Mr.Buttersworth because he will be paired up with Mrs. Buttersworth at some point in the future to make some creamy cool babies. Hope you guys enjoy, and please keep enquiring about future geckos. They will be ready by the end of the summer and I already have the first 4-5 guys spoken for. Great price, great pet!  Thanks for checking this out and spread the word!

We have eggs!

So…May 12 I found these two guys in amongst my substrate! Luckily I just got my incubator in two days before, they have been incubating for 2 weeks now at 74 degrees, in a SIM incubator, and I put that inside a thermo electric incubator to keep them at a steady temperature since my apartment tends to be all over the place as far as temperature goes. I have heard that the SIM incubator tends to be a littler quicker since there is air circulating around the entire egg, and with my 74 degrees that I am keeping them at I am expecting some babies in about 2 months! These are my first two eggs, and the mom (I think) is “Diane” and the dad is “Lothario”. Please stay in touch if you would be interested in these guys when they are at the right selling age. They will be very affordable, and great, wallet friendly pets for anyone in your household!  Thanks for looking, and sorry for the delay in posts.

Reptile Specialty!

Hello Gecko Fans!

While I was searching for a great looking male that may make a better fit for one of my females I ran across a beautiful gecko from “Reptile Specialty” at an amazing price. Now while I will have some great babies ready for sale in the future, in the mean time I would highly recommend going this route to find some amazing looking geckos for a reasonable price.

Not only will they have some amazing ‘recession proof’ pets, they will have anything else you need to help raise them. They are your one stop shop, not only that but they reward you for shopping with them. You are all familiar with point systems with various companies, they offer a similar deal if you shop with them. 

www.reptilespecialty.com tell them I sent you…because I owe them!

MidWest Reptile Show

Hey guys, if there is anyone from Indiana, or the surrounding states that can make a trip to Indy on May 1st there is an awesome reptile show there, 
usually lots of geckos, and always other cool reptiles/cheap accessories and enclosures. I think I may even get a table there to show off my business cards and maybe a few geckos. I hope to be getting a few new geckos this week so stay tuned or subscribe to this blog for updates!! Thanks guys!!